Our Projects


Teddy Medic: Emotional First Aid for childrenTeddy Medic is a unique educational program run by volunteer health care educators, medical professionals and paramedicine students. The program is designed for primary school children aged between 5-12 years of age. The core aim of Teddy Medic is to help children at risk of anaphylaxis to become comfortable and familiar with the health care system in a fun and engaging manner. The clinic is designed to assist children overcome any anxiety surrounding their health condition and to build positive association with their life saving medication, Epipen. The session also fosters social interaction between the children through play and enables them to meet other children facing a similar journey.
Our objective are achieved through mock medical play sessions. Each child receives a TeddyMedic teddy bear and Epi Pen trainer which they can then keep. The positive experiences continue to be created outside of the session. Children will often show their TeddyMedic to family and friends which fosters conversation and promotes education. Some children have taken their TeddyMedic to school and created positive dialogue with their peers and teachers. It’s a fantastic learning experience.


A.N.E.R.S Emotional First Aid Training

This is a model of psychological first aid which can be applied to those who witness or experience an anaphylactic reaction. It is the first educational system in Australia created to address post anaphylactic reaction stress. The sessions are delivered face to face in groups of approximately 20 and run for 90 minutes. We aim to create some print material and supportive video to assist participants. The soft launch of the program yielded extremely positive feedback.



Awareness Videos

Our videos will create awareness about food allergies in the general community through social media. So far we have created some successful productions but with your support we can create more powerful campaigns. You can see some of our earlier video projects here.